About Yorkshire Haulage VTC

Yorkshire Haulage

Here at Yorkshire Haulage, we don't worry about minimum miles a month, speed, or skill. So what ever your experience, YH is the VTC for you. We are a friendly VTC looking to become one of the biggest VTCs out there. We have our very own discord, with driver chats, job logger channel and more. We are looking for drivers 16+ (at our discretion), must be willing to drive in company colours although you can use your own colours if you are "off-duty" (navio will still log jobs). Must have Yorkshire Haulage tag in game. A very relaxed VTC when it comes to rules as long as your are respectful of other drivers and within the company and on the road. If there are any problems please feel free to contact the relevant people within the discord. The main focus of our VTC is to bring people together, to build a community people can depend on. So have fun and stay safe on the roads. Join the discord today for more information https://discord.gg/YHGC We Drive In Blue And Give Her The Shoe!